Economic Model and Fee Structure

Token Utility and Participation: StoryChain employs STRC tokens to represent the NFTs, encapsulating the stories and art. STRY tokens serve as utility tokens and are used for transactions within the platform, such as creating new stories, upgrading NFTs by animating the NFTs or interacting with the platform, such as chatting with the NFT system. This structure incentivizes participation and investment in the ecosystem, aligning user interests with the platform's growth.

Fee Distribution: Fees generated from activities such as NFT creation and special transactions are structured to support the platform and reward the community. A portion of these fees is distributed back to NFT holders, creating a passive income stream for users and encouraging long-term holding. Another portion is allocated to the development fund, ensuring continuous improvement and sustainability of the platform.

Transparent and Fair Pricing: The fee structure is designed to be transparent and fair, encouraging creativity while ensuring the platform remains economically viable. Costs associated with AI processing, blockchain operations, and storage are factored into NFT minting fees, making them transparent to users from the outset.

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