Awards and Recognition

StoryChain has been recognized for its innovative approach, securing several accolades from prestigious hackathons, including:

  • 2nd Best AI App at BNB Chain Hackvolution

  • Best AI Project at Chainlink Hackathon Spring 2023

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services) Top Projects at Chainlink Hackathon Spring 2023

  • Most Creative App at Fantom Hackathon

  • 2nd Best Covalent App at CovalentHQ

A significant milestone in StoryChain's journey of recognition was its acceptance into the prestigious BNB MVB VII Accelerator Program. Selected among 13 projects from over 700 contenders, StoryChain's inclusion in this program marked a pivotal moment, showcasing its potential to impact the blockchain and crypto space significantly. The MVB Accelerator Program, known for identifying and supporting projects with groundbreaking potential, provided StoryChain with a platform to further its mission, refine its technology, and expand its reach within the global crypto community.

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