Getting Started

Creating an NFT in StoryChain is very simple.

Once we are connected to the system (how to connect)

We start on the create page:

Here user needs to select the story type we want such as collaborative story or solo story. The types are explained here.

After that users can select the Image AI model and the style they prefer. These models are explained here. Users can also select different models and see example generations below the creation form.

Next users enter a story title and a prompt to direct the Language AI. AI uses the title and the prompt as the core of the theme to generate a story. Users don't need to enter a very large prompt, but it is advised to include at least 2 sentences.

Once the title and the prompt are ready we simply click "Create Your Story" button and continue with web3 wallet transaction. Once the transaction goes through, the platform redirects the user to "My Stories" page and the user can see the status of newly generated story.

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