NFT Generation Process

The creation and minting of NFTs on StoryChain are designed to be a seamless and engaging experience for users, enabling them to transform their creative ideas into unique digital assets securely and efficiently. This chapter provides a detailed, step-by-step breakdown of the NFT generation process on the StoryChain platform, highlighting the technological sophistication and user-friendly interface that facilitate this innovative procedure.

  1. Approving Prompt:

A light- large language model checks the prompt safety and suitability and reject if not.

  1. Language AI Processing:

A cutting edge large language model analyzes the title and the prompt and writes a story and also a prompt for image generation

  1. Image AI Processing:

The selected Image AI model generates the image

  1. Preparing NFT Metadata:

The system prepares NFT metadata including the story text and the image

  1. Minting NFT:

The operator sends the transaction on chain

  1. Saving On Chain:

The system checks the transaction is sent and confirmed

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