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Which network does StoryChain run on?

StoryChain runs on the BSC Testnet. It will soon be available on the BNB Chain Mainnet.

How can I join this project?

StoryChain is a project where you can make story NFTs. You can join the community and create your stories on https://storychain.ai/ Right now, it's on the BSC Testnet.

Where can I get tBNB? You can get tBNB from the BNB official faucet at this link: BNB Official Faucet. https://www.bnbchain.org/en/testnet-faucet

Why is it expensive to generate a story? Generating a story costs more on the testnet where tBNB is not real money. We raised the fees to prevent spam and excessive requests. The fees will be much lower on the mainnet.

Why did StoryChain admins/mods ask for my personal information and keys? StoryChain admins or mods will never send you dms unless you start the discussion. StoryChain admins or mods will never ask for your private keys or seed phrases. We don't need this information, and you should NEVER share it with anyone.

Is there an advantage of producing mass NFTs on testnet? No, StoryChain testnet version is for early experiencing the platform wtihout spending any real money and allowing the team to fix issues and develop further.

What is the Earn mechanism?

StoryChain NFT owners earn directly from the platform workflow. Each created NFT distributes significant portion of it's fee as a dividend to previous NFT holders. This mechanism is live on testnet and can be seen on https://storychain.ai/earn This way the more the community grows, the more previous NFT owners earn.

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